Would You Get An IRS Tattoo If It Meant Never Paying Taxes Again?

Image courtesy of Vileinist

You might love your mother enough to get her name tattooed on your arm, but what about the Internal Revenue Service? Though it’s unlikely that your average taxpayer would permanently ink the agency’s name on their dermis out of sheer love, some Americans say they’d get an IRS tattoo if it meant they would never have to pay taxes again.

As tax season is in full swing, WalletHub surveyed 1,000 people nationwide to have them weigh in on a variety of tax-related matters, and the results were pretty amusing, to say the least.

One question asked folks what they would do to get out of paying taxes, and a full 27% said they’d tattoo the word IRS somewhere on their body.

Another 16% would leave the country if they could get away from the tax man, 11% would clean Chipotle toilets; 10% would shut up completely for six months without uttering a word; 8% would name their first-born child “Taxes” (seriously, that’s better than half the celebrity baby names out there); 6% would sell a kidney, 4% would kill someone (assuming they’d never get caught), and another 4% would spend an entire year in prison.

A tattoo is a pretty big deal, as anyone who’s ever had to tell their father that they’d gotten a lower back tattoo of a dolphin leaping through a butterfly’s wings can attest. Which makes us wonder how eager our readers would be to get out of that particular obligation.

Weigh in with our survey below:

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