Real Estate Political Correctness: ‘Master Bedroom’ Becomes ‘Owner’s Suite’

Anyone can own a house. Why, women are even allowed to own property all by ourselves now! That’s why we suppose it’s good that The word “master,” with its connotations of slaveholding and maleness, is slowly fading from its intended use in the residential real estate business.

The term means a bedroom with bathroom attached and enough closet space for two people, a room intended for the couple who are at the head of a household. The Washington Business Journal notes that at least one architect stopped using the M word back in the ’90s, and the new usage has spread among home builders.

Of course, the reason for the change don’t all have to do with political correctness. In theory, anyway. In McMansions more lavish homes, that part of the house truly is a “suite” as opposed to a simple bedroom with attached bathroom.

In residential real estate, bid farewell to the ‘master bedroom’ [Washington Business Journal] (via Fark)

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