No, This Denver Broncos Fan Isn’t Trying To Sell His House For Super Bowl Tickets

Image courtesy of (KUSA-TV)

In yet another example of why you can’t trust everything you read, a Colorado man is trying to set the record straight so his phone stops ringing: despite an ad in Denver-area papers that indicated otherwise, he is not selling his house in exchange for a pair of tickets to Super Bowl 50.

“Getting divorced: leaving her with nothing,” the ad reads, listing his phone number with a photo of the home. “Will sell home for 2 tickets to the Super Bowl with airfare and lodging.”

Though he is a Denver Broncos fan, the guy who owns the home in the ad says he’s not willing to part with the three bedroom, two bathroom home that he and his family moved into six months ago, reports KUSA-TV (warning: link contains video that autoplays), and he’s not getting divorced, either.

“I have a buddy who’s a good Pittsburgh Steelers fan – and we had some bets going for the Steelers game and of course the Broncos won so I rode him pretty hard for two or three days and gave him a lot of heck,” he told the station, adding that his house “is worth a little more than just tickets” to see the Broncos and Carolina Panthers face off.

He has had some serious offers — one guy put two tickets on the 45-yard line 20 rows back, along with first class airfare and a suite at a hotel — but he’s hoping by speaking out to clear the record, that people will finally stop calling him.

Super Bowl tickets for a house? No way! [KUSA-TV]

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