Consuming the World Wide Web, one potato shape at a time.

Birds Eye Creates “Mashtags” Potato Shapes So You Can Eat The Internet

Because it’s just not enough to consume the Internet with your eyes/brain, Birds Eye is trying to get people to eat the darn thing with its new Twitter-themed “Mashtags” potato shapes. Ah yes, potato shapes — the redheaded step children of French fries and tater tots. [More]

Technically, This Veggie Mix Does Contain Mushrooms Because 2 Is More Than 1

We’ve seen our share of products that, despite advertising a delicious display, provide food that in reality, is a woeful facsimile of the photo on the packaging. But that doesn’t mean it still hurts us right in the stomach when it happens, as in this case from Consumerist reader Travis, a lover of mushrooms.