Cops: McDonald’s Customer Traded A Happy Meal For A Happy Ending

Doesn’t matter if you’re handing over cash, a selection of fine cheeses or a bag of french fries — the law will get ya if you’re trading goods for certain ah, services. Police say a New Mexico man set up an illegal trade of the fast food-for-sex variety in Albuquerque recently, wherein he picked up a woman and then ordered her a meal at McDonald’s.

KOB-TV cites police who say that after cruising through an area known as a hang out spot for ladies of the night, the twosome went through the drive-thru at a local McDonald’s and headed off to the park. Not for a picnic, per se, but allegedly something much seedier.

In the criminal complaint, police write that the man admitted to asking the woman how she would reimburse him for the meal he’d just bought her. It’s unclear whether it was a meal of the happy variety or not, but police confronted the pair in the park and say the woman was pulling up her pants in the car.

Cops say the woman confessed to agreeing to have sex with the man in exchange for the McDonald’s food. The man was charged for possession of dangerous drugs in the incident, after police found prescription narcotics in the vehicle.

Police: New Mexico man traded McDonalds for sex [KOB-TV]

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