Toyota & Ford Fighting On The Playground Over Who Has The No. 1 Car

It’s an all-out slap fight on the playground these days between Toyota and Ford, as both claim they’re No. 1 in the world as the makers of the top-selling car of 2012. Toyota contradicted Ford’s claim of the Focus being the coolest by sayings its Corolla is actually the best around.

On Tuesday Ford said it had sold 1.02 million Focus vehicles, citing data from automotive consulting firm Polk, reports Reuters. That was enough for it to claim that it was the best in the world.

But then yesterday Toyota rolled onto the playground and said hold up, the Corolla is the best. It didn’t detail any sales figures on its website, but other media have reported it as selling 872,774 Corollas last year. Which is not as many as more than a million, right?

One spokesman in Tokyo for Toyota cited a 1.6 million figure for Corollas in 2012 and added that “Toyota still sees the Corolla as the world’s most popular car.”

“The sales figure includes Corolla Sedan, which is over 90 percent of the total volume, and the Corolla Altis, Corolla Axio, Corolla Wagon, Corolla Fielder and Corolla Rumion,” he said.

Whoever wins has to carry the other’s lunch tray for the rest of the school year.

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