Littermaid Replaces Entire Automatic Litter Box When My Repair Goes Awry

Jasmin received the best housewarming gift ever: a Littermaid self-cleaning litterbox. Well, I suppose it’s not a very good gift if you don’t have a cat, but Jasmin was very pleased with it. When the electric adapter’s end got stuck inside the unit, she tried to get it out, but failed. Instead of just running on batteries as it had been, now the whole thing was useless. What could she do? She couldn’t afford a whole new Littermaid, and hadn’t had the new one for all that long anyway. So she checked in with the company to see whether they could just replace the relevant part. They just sent her a whole new setup instead.

I’m writing in to let you know of amazing customer support for a change. I am a long time owner of the litter maid automatic cat boxes. I tend to be really forgetful and I have a very finicky cat, so it is helpful to have a cat litter box that cleans itself. Well, for a housewarming gift I received a new model of theirs to replace my four year old model that was not working very well. The new model was great for a while until I went to clean it. After cleaning the cat box, I went to plug it back in and the AC adapter port somehow pushed itself inside of the unit. I was upset, but instead of doing anything about it I decided to just use the battery power option of [it] instead. Well, not being one to leave things be, one day I decided to try to fish the port out and accidentally dislodged a wire. This of course completely killed the unit.

I decided to call litter maid and see how much it would cost to replace the top part of the machine. I’m a student and I don’t have much extra money, so replacing the entire unit ( that runs in the $150 range) was not really an option for me. After waiting on hold for a while I reached one of the most pleasant customer service agents I had ever dealt with ( egrettably I did not get her name). After explaining my story, letting her know that I did not fill out the warranty information with the company because I did not have a receipt, she told me that they would replace the entire unit for free. All I had to do was send the battery holder and part of the adapter in. Needless to say I am completely impressed with their amazing customer service and willingness to help.

Purr! How wonderful of the company!

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