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Swedish Hotel Offering Free 7-Night Stays For People With More Than 2,000 Facebook Friends

We already know the value companies place on attracting new fans on social media, which is part of the reason using sites like Facebook and Instagram is free: Advertisers want your attention and they want the attention of your friends. So in order to harness the power of social media, one Swedish hotel is offering up a tasty bit of bait in the form of free stays for the big hitters on Facebook and Instagram. [More]


Report: More People Are Watching Netflix Streaming Content Than Cable Networks

That panicked wiggling you hear might just be cable giants quaking in their over-priced boots: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says subscribers watched four billion hours of streaming content in the last three months. Exciting for Netflix, not so much for the cable biz: According to one report, this all means more people are watching Netflix than cable TV. [More]


Toyota & Ford Fighting On The Playground Over Who Has The No. 1 Car

It’s an all-out slap fight on the playground these days between Toyota and Ford, as both claim they’re No. 1 in the world as the makers of the top-selling car of 2012. Toyota contradicted Ford’s claim of the Focus being the coolest by sayings its Corolla is actually the best around. [More]

Apparently We're All Very Impressed With iPhone 5: Apple Stock Tops $700 For The First Time Ever

Apparently We're All Very Impressed With iPhone 5: Apple Stock Tops $700 For The First Time Ever

Although we’ve heard plenty of so-so and “meh” feedback for the iPhone 5, we’ve also seen a whole lot of people scrambling to order Apple’s newest shiny gadget. And it seems we as consumers in general are pretty darn impressed by the thing, as Apple’s stock went over $700 for the very first time ever, to $701.44 this morning. So they’ve got to be doing something right, eh? [More]

Apple & Google Are Corporate Kings Of Consumer Opinion, Big Banks Fail To Impress

When it comes to trusting corporations, it seems we’re a lot more likely to have high opinions of the ones that provide us with shiny toys and zippy technology, rather than big bad banks and other financial institutions. That is, according to an annual public opinion poll on corporate brands. [More]