Cops On The Lookout For Guy With An ATM That Doesn’t Belong To Him

Anyone living in North Carolina — if your friend lets you use his “personal” ATM, perhaps in the living room or backyard, it’s probably not his. We say that because police are currently on the hunt for a suspect who first stole an excavator from a construction site and then used it to boost a 2,000-pound ATM nearby.

According to Winston-Salem police, whoever had the brass you-know-whats to pull off the heist took the excavator early yesterday and then drove it 200 yard to the ATM. The Associated Press report says the suspect then used the claw on the machine to knock over the ATM kiosk at a credit union, then picked it up and lifted it into a pickup truck.

Police think another car was involved, a black Crown Victoria, and that the party responsible for the robbery might be on the short side, as surveillance video showed he had to reach for the steering wheel.

And again, if anyone offers you the personal ATM experience say, at a house party or backyard BBQ, it’s probably a hot ATM. Not that anyone stealing a machine full of money would want to share in the first place.

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North Carolina man takes excavator to steal ATM machine, police say [Associated Press]

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