Attention People Over 30: Various Cures For Your Polaroid Nostalgia Are Here

An LCD preview screen is almost like cheating.

An LCD preview screen is almost like cheating.

If you want to instantly print all of the photos of meals, leaves, cats, and feet that you take, but there’s no Polaroid Fotobar near you, don’t fret. The company that now owns the Polaroid name makes instant-printing cameras, one of which resembles the actual Polaroid instant cameras of old, and will cost you only $250. Too steep?

How about a camera with a rainbow stripe that totally looks like the Instagram logo, for only $180? Yes, yes, The Impossible Project has kept actual Polaroid film alive, which is good if you have an ancient camera around, or you’re an insufferable hipster/photo geek and simply must own a refurbished model. While there was a thrill in snapping a picture and waiting for the ghostly forms to develop enough to tell whether you blinked, don’t you miss seeing your photos on a tiny piece of square paper instead of a tiny screen? Or, in the case of these cameras, in addition to a tiny screen?

The 14 MP Digital Polaroid Camera. [Hammacher Schlemmer]
Instant Cameras and Film [Polaroid Store]

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