Off-Duty Cop Tackles Woman Who Allegedly Attacked TSA Agent At Honolulu Airport



Plenty of us know that if we see something that just ain’t right, we should say something. But one off-duty cop on vacation in Hawaii took that “say something” and changed it into a “do something” after he saw a woman assaulting a Transportation Security Administration agent at Honolulu International Airport.

The man relayed his side of events, wherein he had just taken off his shoes in the security line last Saturday. He heard a “loud crash,” reports CNN, and started to check out the situation.

“When I turned around, I saw a woman with her arms flailing, screaming at this TSA agent,” he said, adding that he looked around to see if other security officers would come break up the brouhaha. When no one came and the attack turned into punching, as seen on surveillance video, he decided to act.

“The next thing I know, I heard what I thought was skin to skin contact, like somebody getting punched,” he said. “Sure enough, she was punching her.”

He leaped over a waist-high security barrier and used his cop moves to take the assailant down and pin her to the floor, while other TSA agents ran to the scene. He then identified himself as police officer to the agents, and an airport policeman cuffed the suspect.

She was arrested and charged with assault, and is reportedly a homeless woman who had been wandering the airport.

“That was pretty much the end of story,” the man said. TSA and the assaulted agent thanked him.

Cop on vacation halts Hawaiian airport tussle [CNN]

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