Time Warner Refuses To Believe I Still Have Internet Access

Time Warner closed Boris’s account, and charged him a fee for not returning his modem. Which is weird, because he never canceled his account. That’s why he didn’t turn his modem. Time Warner sent him to collections over the modem, but there’s still Internet access coming into his house. So he paid the modem fee, and gave up trying to convince the company that they’re making him steal Internet access.

Time warner shows my account closed as of 2/27/2013 and sent me to collections for not returning the modem. I never cancelled my account, but they refused to believe that. I still have an internet connection. I spoke to several people in billing, and a supervisor. He told me that it’s impossible I have internet through them, and to return my modem.

I decided to pay them the $59.60 charge for un-returned equipment since the modem still has a live connection. I told them I will do this too. The supervisor didn’t believe me and refused to escalate the issue to anybody.

I haven’t been billed since 2/27/2013, paid for the modem, and have free internet. They don’t care.

Maybe their Twitter team is more likely to believe him? Or maybe the president’s office? This is really the opposite of the problems that vaulted TWC to the top of our Worst Company in America tournament.

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