Enraged At Wrong Sauce, Customers Attacked Dip-Hurling Pretzel Stand Worker

It’s every snack lover’s nightmare: you get your pretzel, dip it in the provided dipping sauce, and discover that the idiot behind the counter at Auntie Anne’s pretzels gave you the wrong sauce. Only they wouldn’t replace it for free because the snackers had already used the offending sauce.

Their solution was the obvious one: they asked for a replacement, and complained when told they would have to pay for more dip. In response, the women claim that a staff member threw dip at the women, hitting them and a security guard. They tried to jump over the counter to fight with the employee, and one had a minor injury.

The flaw in this plan was the part where they attacked an employee while a security guard was near enough to get hit by flying dip. Police have not yet decided whether to charge anyone with assault with a delicious weapon.

Did Wrong Dip Lead To Saucy Assault? [CBS Detroit]

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