Lenovo Is Confused About How Buying And Selling Works Again

After Alex ordered his laptop from Lenovo, he received an e-mail telling him that, oh yeah, there was a delay and it would ship out within a month. He bought another laptop instead. Because that’s the way the world works, Lenovo shipped out his new computer later that same day. He and Lenovo arranged things so that UPS just “sent the package back,” even though their tracking system said that it had never left the dock at Lenovo. A few days after that, they charged his credit card. Then things really got annoying.

I ordered a refurbished laptop from Lenovo, it seemed a great deal. I had ordered it on the 9th of March. On the 12th of March I received an email saying it was going to be delayed, but it would ship within 30 days. Naturally I went and bought another laptop.

Later on that day I received an email from Lenovo saying it had shipped, but I was already really enjoying my other laptop. I contacted them and said that I had changed my mind, because of the long delay I got another laptop. They told me it had shipped already and that I could return it if I wanted (tracking info showed that paperwork was done to ship it but it was still sitting on their dock.) I said okay, I understand, I will just refuse the package when it gets here and you can have it back.

After I said this they contacted UPS and had the package returned. 4 days later I am charged for the laptop. I contact them and was told this is just part of the process, once we receive it back we will credit you within 5-7 business days. This struck me as quite odd as I never had possession of the laptop.

I am 6 business days in and no refund in sight. I contacted them today and was told after they receive it back they have to do an inspection on the laptop, which takes 2 days (the laptop I never touched) and that after that they refund takes 5 days. So supposedly tomorrow I’m getting a refund after 2 weeks. All of the communication by the way done by form emails.

This went from being a positive experience with them turning it around in shipment to a terrible terrible experience, beware.

We’d offer advice here, but it sounds like the best piece of advice is “don’t take the 30 days thing literally.” So that’s good.

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