Time For Your 7 A.M. Reminder Of Your Nonexistent Time Warner Cable Appointment

It’s 8 A.M on the East Coast as this post goes up, and James’ wife has been up for an hour. That’s because she’s getting a 7 A.M. wakeup call on her mobile phone every day from Time Warner Cable. No, this isn’t an exciting new Digital Phone service they’re offering: for some people, a wakeup call would actually be useful. No, their cable has already been installed and everything is fine. Everything is fine except for the 7 A.M. phone call that comes to remind Mrs. James of an appointment with the cable guy that doesn’t exist.

James writes:

I’m on my 6th call in 2 weeks trying to get their automated appointment system to stop calling my wife’s cell phone at 7 in the morning. No one there seems to be able to locate the number in their system and though I’m told this is getting escalated to tech support, there is no method for following up what so ever. I’m told I have to swim through the menu system again if I want to follow up on my ticket.

Oh, did I mention I’ve only had service with them for a month? It’s just been one failure after another.

If James doesn’t already have a Twitter account, it might be worth it to register just to tweet at the nice people at Time Warner’s social media team. Sometimes they have special superpowers other employees don’t; sometimes they do. Either way, please be nice to them.

We’ve also heard that this contact info for the president’s office was still good as of six months ago, so that’s an option as well if you don’t feel like hanging out on Twitter with all the cool people like Justin Bieber and Consumerist.

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