Florida Man Claims He Shot At Walmart Shoplifter’s Car So Cops Could Find It Later

In New York City, subway riders are used to the phrase, “If you see something, say something.” The key word there being “say,” not “do.” That advice could apply to a number of situations, because while vigilante justice is a noble theme in comic books, police likely won’t approve if you open up fire on your fellow shopper for shoplifting.

A Florida man taking justice into his own hands is now in trouble for shooting at a suspected shoplifter’s car yesterday as the man fled a local Walmart. He says he just wanted to mark the car so cops would be able to find it later, reports the Daytona News-Journal.

While that’s um, nice, in theory, police were peeved and charged the shooter with aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle. The driver is suspected of boosting $200 worth of steaks and ribs and trying to leave the store without paying.

A Walmart loss prevention officer tried to stop the man, he abandoned his shopping cart and reportedly pushed a woman down on his way out of the store. His fellow shopper chased after him, even though police say he didn’t even know why he was pursuing the guy.

When he couldn’t stop the alleged shoplifter, police say the man pulled out his handgun.

“He fired at the car a minimum of four times,” said a police commander. “He said he didn’t want to kill the suspected shoplifter but wanted to mark the car for police.”

Seeing as it was a crowded parking lot and a busy shopping center, police didn’t see his actions as justified. No one was injured in the incident and both men were booked into the county jail.

Leave the crime-fighting to police, everyone. Superheroes don’t go over so well in real life.

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