In D.C., This Pepsi Machine Dispensed Malt Liquor

Imagine a wonderful, magical world where you could walk up to a soda machine and buy a bottle of malt liquor. That paradise on earth (for the underage) briefly existed in the Trinidad neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Since the booze cost $3, more than at nearby retail outlets, its customer base were all either underage or had exceptionally poor math skills.

This fascinating tidbit of information would have been lost to the world if not for DCist, which picked it up from the Twitter feed of someone attending the meeting.

Police disabled the machine and the property owner will get rid of it. No one is taking responsibility for stocking the machine, of course, which would have been a nice use of surveillance cameras. No matter. The booze machine ride is over.

At the college I attended, there may have been this dorm where the students stocked their own soda machine. If you pressed the “Out of Order” button, which I totally never did during the three years that I may have lived in that building, it would dispense a can of Utica Club beer. Which is terrible beer. Which I would know if I had ever pressed the “Out of Order” button.

D.C. Pepsi Machine Found to be Vending Malt Liquor [DCist]

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