Time Doesn’t Really Fly When Repair Shop Keeps Your Clock For More Than 22 Years

We’ve heard some horror stories about customer service here at Consumerist HQ, but the examples coming from customers of a clock shop in New York are totally taking the cake. One woman dropped off her timepiece for repairs 22 years ago… and hasn’t seen it since.

“Every time I come over, it’s excuse after excuse: I haven’t had the time. I’ve been sick. I’ve been busy. I mean 22 years is a long time,” she tells NewsChannel 9.

The station has been on the case of the tardy clock shop for years, apparently, after receiving a slew of reports from customers who have gone without their timepieces for long stretches of time.

Another man dropped off his Russian cuckoo clock in April 2002, and almost 11 years and 15 trips later, he still hasn’t been reunited with it.

“He said he knows where it was, and he looked in the room and couldn’t find it,” the man said of the shop’s owner.

After the news station reported once again on the disappearing clock phenomenon, the shop owner told everyone to come back on Monday and receive their clocks in front of the news team. Guess what? Most of the half dozen customers were thwarted once again.

One man did receive a clock; only trouble is? It wasn’t the same one he dropped off in 2011.

Customers still clockless after confrontation with (store) owner: Your Stories [NewsChannel 9]

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