Peet’s Swoops In, Makes Up For Delay Before Anyone Can Even Complain

Here’s an example of how even the simplest customer service gestures can make a huge difference in someone’s day, and in the perception of a brand. Heather visited Peet’s for coffee recently, and got her drink a little later than her companion. No big deal: that happens. It was what happened next that caught her off guard and prompted her to write to Consumerist.

Magic card.

Magic card.

I went to Peet’s today with a friend and ordered first. She got her drink before me though, but no big deal since we were chatting while waiting for my drink. When they called my drink a minute or two later (not a bad wait!) they gave me this voucher! I was not at all expecting it since they were quite busy and the wait wasn’t terrible. Talk about good customer service!

That was most impressive. How much loyalty could other companies build by apologizing and making up for delays before the customer even complains?

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