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Peet’s Swoops In, Makes Up For Delay Before Anyone Can Even Complain

Here’s an example of how even the simplest customer service gestures can make a huge difference in someone’s day, and in the perception of a brand. Heather visited Peet’s for coffee recently, and got her drink a little later than her companion. No big deal: that happens. It was what happened next that caught her off guard and prompted her to write to Consumerist. [More]

Starbucks To Buy Peet's Coffee?

Starbucks To Buy Peet's Coffee?

The original Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley is said to have been the inspiration for the founders of coffee colossus Starbucks. Now the ‘Bucks may be looking to return the favor by acquiring the smaller chain. [More]

Wanna Bring A Gun To Starbucks? They're Cool With

Wanna Bring A Gun To Starbucks? They're Cool With That

In states like Virginia where it’s legal for gun owners to walk around in public displaying their heat, there are some firearms fans who go out to stores they assume will be unfriendly about their gun-toting ways. But, in spite of its left-leaning reputation, coffee colossus Starbucks has instituted a policy saying guns are A-OK with them. [More]