How To Get Cops’ Attention: Steal A Krispy Kreme Truck Full Of Doughnuts

Stealing? Well, that’s wrong. And your odds of getting cops to chase you increase significantly if you choose to boost a truck full of glorious, glazed doughnutty goodness. A man in Georgia found that out pretty quickly after he allegedly made off with a Krispy Kreme truck that had been stopped at a gas station. And of course, a high-speed police chase ensued. 

We can picture it now — “Step away from the doughnuts sir, with your hands up.”

Officials say the 45-year-old man approached the truck at a gas station where the delivery man was dropping off the treats, hopped in the cab and drove off, reports the Gwinnett Daily Post.

“[The driver] stated that the male had approached him before he entered the store to start his delivery” and that the 45-year-old man appeared under the influence, according to a police report.

The sheriff’s office quickly located the truck and officers attempted to have the man pull over, to no avail.

“The vehicle then sped up on the interstate and failed to yield to our visual and audibles signals to pull over,” one responding officer wrote in the report.

He exited the interstate and continued the chase, running red lights and forcing another vehicle off the road before finally hitting a mail box. From there he tried to hoof it, but was caught by a police dog and subsequently placed under arrest.

He’s been charged with three felonies, three misdemeanors and seven more traffic violations. It’s unclear if any delicious evidence was seized at the scene.

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