Ed Asner & Manager Of Struggling Movie Theater Equally Surprised To Hear He’d Pledged To Help

Facebook? What's a Facebook?

Facebook? What’s a Facebook?

In a scenario prime for the movies its theater shows, a struggling movie theater in Pittsburgh needs to raise $75,000 to afford the switchover to digital projectors, and as such, is facing extinction at the end of the year. But then in a move that surprised the theater’s manager, legendary actor Ed Asner, he of the lovable grumpy roles, stepped in to save the day with a Facebook campaign dedicated to fundraising efforts! Except he didn’t, not really.

According to KDKA, the theater’s manager was puzzled at Asner’s intervention with a post on a fake Ed Asner page. It reads: “Help the Hollywood Theater! One of Pittsburgh’s last historic neighborhood cinemas. I have found memories of visiting this venue as a much younger man while visiting relatives. I’ll double every donation!”

The manager was confused but tried to thank Asner when he saw the post. He never heard back and became suspicious, even while the page raised some funds through an indiegogo.com link.

A representative for Asner was also confused because see, Asner doesn’t even have a personal Facebook page. The PR company has no clue who started the bizarre campaign in Asner’s name.

Meanwhile the manager says the theater will refund the $750 to $1,000 or so in donations sent through the fake page if need be, and in the meantime he’s hoping somehow his theater will still be saved.

Of course the up side in this kind of unfortunate situation is that it’s gotten the theater on the map, people are talking about it, and as such might be more inclined to help save it — with or without Ed Asner’s involvement.

In somewhat of a hilarious note, KDKA adds that “Asner’s only connection to Pittsburgh is a cousin.”

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