Movie Theater Sorry For Playing R-Rated ‘Sausage Party’ Trailer Before ‘Finding Dory’

A movie theater in California issued an apology this week for making the mistake of playing a trailer for Sausage Party (R-rated, expletive-laden dark comedy featuring self-aware food facing imminent, violent death by human) to a bunch of people there to see Finding Dory (under-the-sea, feel-good family flick). Oops.

The East Bay Times reports that the incident happened earlier this month, though movie officials haven’t put a date on exactly when. The theater’s vice president of operations said the mistake was a brief one.

“Playing that trailer was a one-time honest mistake by a theater manager moving screens around in effort to accommodate several large last-minute groups wanting to see Dory,” said Walter Eichinger of Brenden Theatres in a statement. “The wrong movie was started by mistake.”

Sausage Party‘s trailer starts like it could shape up to be a harmless romp through a land filled with brightly colored anthropomorphic food, packages of hot dogs and buns getting all excited to be “chosen” at the grocery store. But as the trailer goes on, things get twisted in short order (a potato shrieking as he’s being peeled, baby carrots screaming as they’re crunched, etc.) and the kitchen turns into a war zone littered with food product bodies.

On the other hand, Finding Dory picks up where Finding Nemo left off, and stars the voice of Ellen DeGeneres as a forgetful fish on a search for her long-lost parents. I haven’t seen the trailer but I know it’s bound to be filled to the brim with adorable, hilarious sea creatures.

In any case, the theater company says the same mistake won’t happen twice.

“It was caught soon, but not until the trailer played,” he said. “We regret it, apologize for it, and we are not happy that it happened. We fully realize this trailer is not appropriate for ‘Dory’ and we would never schedule something like that. The trailer for Sausage Party is not and never has been scheduled with Dory.”

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