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Law Professor Files Discrimination Complaint Over Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Showing

Alamo Drafthouse, a small movie theater chain known for its anti-texting stance and general coolness, scheduled a special women-only showing of the summer superhero film Wonder Woman. This seemed like a fun one-off idea, but the idea has met some resistance, particularly online. Now a law professor who specializes in employment discrimination and sexual orientation law is filing a complaint with the city, claiming that the showing may be violating the city’s own laws. [More]

Female-Only Hotel Floors Make A Comeback

Female-Only Hotel Floors Make A Comeback

A relic of the mid-20th century, women-only hotel floors seem to be on the rise. Depending on the hotel, the rooms tend to offer upgraded amenities meant to cater to female business travelers. A Washington, D.C. hotel that offers such floors connects guests to female networking events. [More]