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Alamo Drafthouse CEO Explains Why Letting People Text During Movies Is Terrible

Alamo Drafthouse, a Texas-based movie theater mini-chain where can watch movies and drink beer, takes its policy against phone use during movies seriously. It’s not to be mean, or as one notorious customer alleged, so they can sell people tickets and then throw them out. That’s why the theater’s founder and CEO, Tim League, felt that he needed to respond to an interview where new AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron said that he might be open to allowing phone use during movies. [More]

Alamo Drafthouse Bans Google Glass Use From Its Theaters

Alamo Drafthouse Bans Google Glass Use From Its Theaters

The Google Glass face computer is such a new invention and there are so few out in the wild that etiquette and rules haven’t quite caught up yet. Now that any random member of the American public with $1,500 and a tolerance for being stared at can buy the device, rules are cropping up. Like at Alamo Drafthouse, a small chain of movie theaters that has now banned the devices from its theaters. [More]