Doritos Planning Taco Bell Chip Flavor: We Get It, You Guys Love Each Other

You know the couple — they start all cute, engage in a little PDA, one of them launches a line of wildly successful tacos using the other’s flavor, and then all of a sudden they’re all over Twitter, gushing at each other in public and making the rest of us cringe. The news of Frito-Lay creating a new chip in a “Taco Bell” flavor is the last straw. Get a room,  you guys. And also, what does a Taco Bell taste like?

On the heels of the news that Taco Bell will, in fact, be rolling out a line of Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos to join its earlier nacho joint venture, Doritos is upping the lovefest with this new flavor, reports the Associated Press.

PepsiCo and Frito-Lay are in the full-on gross-out mode as evidenced by this surge of cross-promotional products and Twitter exchanges like the below from a few months ago:

Pepsi: “After school snack: Pepsi and ______.”
Taco Bell: “Taco Bell.”
Pepsi: “There’s no better answer. #truth.”

Gag me with a Dorito. PDA is the worst.

The chips will be  limited-time product this spring, likely timed to the release of the Cool Ranch tacos. And lest you think this doesn’t mean they’re soul mates, or even going steady, it’s totally true: Frito-Lay says it’s the first time since the 1990s that it’s had Doritos branded with the logo of a national restaurant chain. Aww.

Next: Taco Bell will offer a taco shell flavored like “Taco Bell” flavor Doritos and bam! —Did we all just get incepted?

*Thanks for the tip, Katy!

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