Baseball Fan Or No, Time Warner Cable Charging All L.A. Customers More For Dodgers Network

Hey, you like baseball, Time Warner Cable customers in Los Angeles? No? Kinda? In any case you’re going to be paying more on your bill, whether you want to watch a Dodgers regional sports network or not. Someone’s gotta help pay, and apparently TWC has decided that will be subscribers.

The rates for L.A. subscribers will be ratcheted up by more than twice the company’s average national increase, due to the expense of this new sports venture which focuses on the Dodgers, reports Bloomberg News. Basic cable subscribers will fork over a 7.2% increase, which is a jump compared to the 3.5% increase that’s normal elsewhere around the country.

Oh and lest you think you can simply opt out of these baseball shenanigans, you can’t. Games start airing in 2014 and the channel will be there for customer to watch or ignore, but pay for either way. Rate increases already went into effect on Jan. 26.

This is all a result of deal between a new ownership group the Dodgers started, American Media Productions LLC, so it could launch the network, which will be operated and distributed by TWC. The deal involves about $7 billion so it’s doubtful the two companies will back down now, even as they risk infuriating Los Angelenos.

Threats of going elsewhere will probably prove empty, as well. Verizon FiOS and DirecTV have also said they’ll be charging additional fees to afford the rising cost of regional sports networks. Sounds like it’s either their way — the way of cable and satellite TV operators, that is — or cutting the cord and heading for the Internet superhighway.

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