Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Take 10 Minutes To Download This Post Over A 56K Modem


Who misses dialup?

Among the readers and tipsters of Consumerist are a brave band of explorers on a sacred mission to advance human knowledge. Their quest: to find really, really old crap sitting on the clearance rack at Walmart, and take photos so we can laugh at it. They are the Raiders of the Lost Walmart. Here are their latest finds from the field.

Dennis sent us this dispatch from his retail archaeology expedition in the Great White North: that is, Zellers in Canada. It’s an original Xbox DVD remote, marked down to only $39.99 ($39.65 USD). He muses:

I found a great little addition to the Raiders Of The Lost Walmart
series. Here is a 2002 dvd dongle and remote for the original Xbox
going for the low 2012 price of $39.99. It was spotted at the Zellers
department store in [redacted]. Zellers has been bought out by
Target and is closing all the stores so they marked the remote down to
a “clearance” price. Makes me wonder what the original price was!

Jon found an antique LEGO Universe subscription card. Well, what’s wrong with that? Nothing, if you buy it for its collectible value, but that game happens to have been shut down almost a year ago. “Way to go, WALLYWORLD,” Jon writes.


Nathaniel uncovered some typewriter correction tapes.


If you’re a typewriter fan, things like this can be invaluable, but we have to wonder what they’re doing in the party supplies section at Walmart instead of some obscure mail-order warehouse.

Knah found this adorable 1 GB mp3 player for only $109.


John noticed this 56K dialup modem in a North Carolina Walmart.


“Ha ha! That’s hilarious! Who on earth is still selling dialup modems?” we laughed, downloading the photo for the next Raiders compilation. Only a quick Google search showed that this is a current item, with many modern uses that have nothing whatsoever to do with CompuServe and AOL.

Being in stock at Best Buy and Microcenter probably isn’t the best indication that something is cutting-edge technology, but the modem hasn’t been languishing in the warehouse since the Clinton administration like many Raiders of the Lost Walmart items, either.

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