Guy Figures If He Boots His Own Car, Thieves Won’t Be So Tempted To Steal It

We’ve heard of people who boot cars to trick cops into thinking that they’re already in trouble so there’s no need to ticket them (which doesn’t always fool police and we don’t recommend doing so) but at least one guy is taking the “boot yourself” method to combat another annoyance — car theft.

CBS Chicago notes that getting your ride stolen is a common occurrence in the town, with more than 16,000 thefts just last year. But if normal security measures can’t protect your vehicle, what’s a driver to do?

The station managed to track down a 20-year-old man who clamps his own Denver Boot to the front wheel of his car. He denies avoiding tickets and CBS says a quick search of his license plate number backed that up.

As for why he was making sure his car couldn’t move he replied, “so nobody steals it.” His vehicle, a 1994 Acura Integra, is a prime target for theft.

He says he bought his boot on eBay for around $100, a good investment when faced with having to buy an entirely new vehicle. He’s had a car stolen before so why not try something out of the box?

In Chicago at least, it isn’t illegal to boot your own car, but before you do so yourself it’d be wise to check with local ordinances.

Chicago Driver Gives Himself The Boot To Guard Against Car Thieves [CBS 2]

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