According To This Sign, Someone Working At Food Lion Needs To Go Back To Biology Class

What is this wonderful, sugary field you speak of?

What is this wonderful, sugary field you speak of?

There are some food groups that are debatable. Eating a pizza? That’s gettin in your dairy and vegetables, sure, we’ll accept that. But there are other designations which we are pretty sure are non-negotiable, and this Food Lion in North Carolina might need to give employees a bit of a brush-up. For example, the biological meaning behind what “fresh” and “field” and growing things means.

Friend of Consumerist Brook spotted this bit of wordplay at his local Food Lion, which is pretty self-explanatory in its outright wrongness.

“Fresh From the Field” could maybe, possibly apply to chocolate-covered pretzels, gummy worms and other factory-made candy delights if say, they were picked from Willy Wonka’s fictional candy fields.

In other words, this sign doesn’t know what it’s talking about, and any kid worth his salt should definitely give it the old college try. “Look, Mom, it totally says it’s from the field! It’s healthy!”

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