Old Spice Shaves Off .25 Ounces Of Deodorant, Sells For Same Price…Or Does It?

Christopher wrote to us with a tale of deodorant woe. Old Spice, part of Procter & Gamble, repackaged his favorite deodorant product, Old Spice Pure Sport, and skimmed a quarter of an ounce off the top while they were at it. Oh no they didn’t! And…well, actually, they didn’t. The problem isn’t so much that Christopher was too hasty to call the packaging change a case of the Grocery Shrink Ray. It’s that Old Spice’s branding is kind of confusing.

Here’s that photo that he took and sent to us of his old and new anti-stank sticks:


The problem? While it may look like the stick on the right is an updated version of the same product line as the stick on the left, these are actually different products, both of which are still on the market. You can see them side-by-side here, in the “long-lasting stick” section of the Old Spice site. The one on the right is from the line formerly known as Red Zone, seen here:



Even more confusingly, the only version of the Red Zone stick that we could find a good photo of online has a smaller package, at 2.5 ounces. Go figure. The core problem, though, is that the “Pure Sport” fragrance name appears to be the primary brand here, and that’s probably what Christopher was looking for on the shelf.

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