D-Link Doesn’t Want To Sell Me A New AC Adapter, Needs Personal Space

Waldon would like to buy a new AC adapter from D-Link. He doesn’t want them to give him one for free, necessarily. He just wants to be able to buy one so he doesn’t have to go out and buy a whole new network switch. Unfortunately for him, no one at D-Link is capable of doing this. In theory, the adapter should be available from the company’s website, but it isn’t. Their own employees couldn’t find it. Then, things got really confusing.

He writes:

I’ve been using D-Link networking equipment for at least the past 10 years. The only reason I go with them is because they have a lifetime warranty on their gear.

Well, apparently the lifetime warranty doesn’t apply to AC adapters. Over the last weekend, an AC adapter for one of my switches failed. I have tried calling D-Link customer “support” only to be hung up, disconnected, reaching full voicemail boxes, and getting the general run around, all to no resolve. I just want to purchase a replacement AC adapter.

Here’s a log of my contacts with D-Link:

January 4 – I called the general D-Link consumer support number (877-453-5464). After being on hold for half an hour, I spoke with [A]. She said to go to the online D-Link store and purchase the AC adapter. When I requested she walk me through the website (because I had already searched and it wasn’t any option), she couldn’t navigate to where she told me to go, obviously. She told me to call 800-XXX-XXXX x5434 during normal business hours.

January 7 – morning. I call the 8800-XXX-XXXX x5434 phone number and spoke to [S] after a 10 minute hold. He told me to go to the online D-Link store, but I told him that it’s not there. He puts me on hold and we get disconnected somehow.

January 7 – call back. I redial the number and get connected to [N]. He sounds just like S. He tells me to call 800-XXX-XXXX x3.

January 7 – immediate call to x3. It is the “spare parts” and RMA extension (finally!) Unfortunately, there is no live person, just a voicemail prompt. I listen to the prompt and it says the voicemail box is full. Okay, it’s Monday, maybe their support voicemail was filled over the weekend.

January 7 morning – I fill out the D-Link support form online to request to purchase an AC adapter. It says they’ll respond within 24 hours.

January 8 – afternoon – I contact the 800-XXX-XXXX x3 phone number again. It is the same: voicemail box full.

January 8 – afternoon – I try to contact the general consumer support and request an RMA (x3) and it is the same, voicemail box is full.

I still have not heard back from D-Link’s online support form. For the amount of product they sell across the nation, their support phone numbers are the pits. I’m trying to give them money to purchase an AC adapter and they don’t even want to take it. Terrible. I won’t be purchasing D-Link again.

While waiting to hear back, perhaps he could try roundup up executive contacts for an EECB, or even something as simple as mailing a letter to their corporate headquarters.

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