Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Feta Cheese, Shrinks Product And Packaging (Updated: Not So Fast!)

Out with the "new." Also maybe out with two ounces.

Out with the “new.” Also maybe out with two ounces.

UPDATE: Not so fast, Drew! Kraft, parent company of Athenos, contacted us to let us know that they sell six-ounce AND four-ounce packages. When Drew went to buy a package of Athenos feta cheese, he noticed something strange. ” Athenos not only did away with the recently ‘new’ flip top on their feta cheese, replacing it with a decidedly cheaper container, they also removed two entire ounces from the package,” he writes. “I may have to start getting all of my cheese at Sam’s Club now…”

That could be a good idea depending on his level of feta consumption.

Update, 11/8/13: A representative from Athenos/Kraft wrote to us to let us know that the two different size packages aren’t the result of shrink-raying: they’re just two differently-sized, recently-redesigned packages.

ATHENOS Feta Cheese offers both the 4oz and 6oz in market, have for years. Different retailers carry different offerings based on their shopper profile. We have had no change in size, but have upgraded both packages in the last year, the 6oz moving from a cup to the shaker packaging and the 4oz to the green rimmed lid identified in the picture.

If Drew wants his six-ounce package instead, he should complain to his favorite grocer. Or visit Sam’s Club as planned and buy lots and lots of cheese.

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