A McDonald’s By Any Other Name? Chain Turns Into Macca’s In Australia This Month

You might call it something else — Mickey D’s, Snackdonald’s, whatever — but it’s doubtful that you’ll ever see McDonald’s labeled anything else in its official signage. Unless you’re in Australia for the month of January, where the chain is temporarily changing its name to “Macca’s,” the Aussie’s nickname for the fast food joint.

It’s all about appreciation for those Down Under, as McDonald’s says it’s going Macca’s at certain locations around the country to celebrate Jan. 26’s Australia Day. It’s never done anything like this before, notes Reuters. So it must really like it Down Under, eh?

“We’re incredibly proud to embrace our ‘Australian-only’ nickname,” said the company’s chief marketing officer in Australia.”What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than change our store signs to the name the community has given us?”

It isn’t just like, one guy on a couch yelling about he wants some Macca’s right quick, either. Apparently about 50% of Aussie’s use the nickname, according to various surveys.

Starting this week, 13 locations will switch up their signage until Feb. 4 when everything will turn back to normal. Like a very long ball for Cinderella, almost.

Welcome to Macca’s as McDonald’s goes Aussie [Reuters]

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