The Return Period On This iPad Sleeve Is Surprisingly Short

You have 8 hours to decide whether to keep this sleeve.

You have 8 hours to decide whether to keep this sleeve.

Cheryl picked up an iPad sleeve from Target on Christmas clearance, because apparently no one buys iPads during the rest of the year. Great! What if she grabbed the wrong one or had to return it for another reason? Too bad, says Target. She bought the sleeve on January 4th and they gave her only until the 5th to return it.

She writes:

I picked up an ipad sleeve (which will help me out a lot at work, actually, as the cord is massive and doesn’t fit in the case).

Anyway, on my way home I notices the return was limited on that one item — to the same day I bought it! I get that it’s a Christmas clearance item, but considering there were probably another 40 left in the store, this seems a bit… egregious!

I’m dying to know… if the night stockers didn’t get them all off the shelves Saturday night, would Sunday purchases require Superman or Dr. Who to return them??

You mean there’s no time travel iPad app yet?!

UPDATE: A helpful reader wrote in and pointed out to us that this sleeve is part of Target’s Neiman Marcus collection, which has a short return turnaround because the merchandise had to go back to Neiman Marcus after January 5th. That’s why they couldn’t accept returns after that.