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McDonald’s Down Under Testing Fancy Options Like Plates, Cutlery & Table Service

The number one complaint I always have with McDonald’s is that I just don’t feel fancy enough. Where’s the white linen, the gleaming silver, the deferential waiter? I’m not alone, as a McDonald’s in Australia has been given the go-ahead by the company to try out a more formal service style for five weeks. That means the option for plates, real cutlery and table service. [More]

(The Consumerist)

A McDonald’s By Any Other Name? Chain Turns Into Macca’s In Australia This Month

You might call it something else — Mickey D’s, Snackdonald’s, whatever — but it’s doubtful that you’ll ever see McDonald’s labeled anything else in its official signage. Unless you’re in Australia for the month of January, where the chain is temporarily changing its name to “Macca’s,” the Aussie’s nickname for the fast food joint. [More]