Valentine’s Creep Is So Last Week— This Stop & Shop Is Bringing The Easter Bunny In Early

Image courtesy of Totally over candy canes already.
Totally over candy canes already.

Totally over candy canes already.

We were shocked — shocked! — when readers started sending us photographic evidence of stores stocking Valentine’s Day items even before Christmas. But apparently one Stop & Shop decided to take that as a challenge and has upped the ante with Easter Creep. Yes, Easter. As in springtime, bunnies and the next major holiday after Valentine’s Day. Yikes.

Consumerist reader Katie sent in this photo as proof that for some retailers, it’s never too early to start celebrating whatever holiday you so desire. She snapped the pic before Christmas Day, by the way.

She writes:

I noticed your articles on selling Valentine’s Day candy mid-December. The idea is ridiculous enough, but check out this photo I took at my local Stop & Shop. They are selling Easter candy already! In December! There are no words to describe how absurd and infuriating this is.

No words, indeeed.


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