The Body Shop Ships Glass Candle Holder Loose In Box, Makes Up For It With Fabulous Customer Service

No, this seems like a great idea.

No, this seems like a great idea.

The lovely scented candle that Todd ordered from The Body Shop arrived on time and all, but smashed. It came in a glass holder, and no one working at the warehouse seemed to know that when you ship an item made of glass, you should put some kind of packing materials around it so it doesn’t end up pulverized into little shards that cut Todd’s hand. For example. Trying to get through to their customer service, though, added figurative insult to his literal injury.

I ordered 4 candles from The Body Shop. When they arrived, I opened the shipping box, then opened one candle.

What I did not know is that the candle(s) had become shards of glass.

Needless to say I cut myself. It was not a pleasant experience. Nor was trying to get The Body Shop customer service to respond.

I tried calling their customer service 800 number two nights in a row. I was on hold for over an hour each day. Never got a person either call. Waste of over three hours of my time.

So frustrated, I send off an email to The Body Shop’s customer care email posted on their site. I was firm. I explained what had happened, including being cut.

I asked for 2 things:

1. A full refund
2. A phone call apologizing for packing glass in a box with no padding.

The website states you should receive a reply in 1-3 working days. Four days go by, no reply

This past Friday 12/14 I get a call from a gentlemen named Jason whom I believe is the National Director of Products for The Body Shop. Their Corporate US Headquarters are in NC.

He apologized and explained how embarrassed he was. He stated they ship glass everyday and do not have issues. He was profusely upset that someone shipped the candles out with no padding.

We had a nice conversation. I told him the call meant a lot to me, and I appreciated it very much.

So Monday 12/18 a knock on the door from UPS.

Jason had overnighted me a package of their products with a nice note.

Please see the attached picture of the package that was sent and a .pdf of the handwritten note.

I want to commend Jason and The Body Shop for going above and beyond to keep me as a customer.

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