Here Comes The Organic Milk Shrink Ray: One Gallon Is 96 Ounces

Not a gallon.

Not a gallon.

Have you bought a gallon of orange juice lately? Yeah, me either. Thanks to the Grocery Shrink Ray, the gallon-like containers of not-from-concentrate OJ first got zapped down to 96 ounces from an actual gallon of 128 ounces, then zapped seven ounces further just to make it more insulting. Now the same process has begun with milk. Organic Valley brand milk, to be precise.

Heather over at Queen Bee Coupons noticed the discrepancy while shopping at Albertsons. This seems ideal for her family: they don’t always finish a full gallon, but use more than a half gallon of milk between shopping trips. Except for how the real price point is kind of high, and it’s kind of sneaky. She writes:

On one hand, I’m intrigued because as a family we have a hard time going through a full gallon before it expires and the 1/2 gallon seems a bit too small. So this size milk would be great for our family, but I don’t really like how it’s priced (like paying $6.65/gallon on sale, or $7.98/gallon not on sale!) and I have a problem with how it looks so similar to the gallon jug. It seems tricky to me!


Not a gallon.

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