My Wedding Band Missed My Wedding, And Macy’s Won’t Refund Rush Shipping

Okay, Ree probably should have ordered her wedding band a little earlier. Ordering it on November 21 for a November 30 wedding isn’t too bad, though: there are six whole business days for it to show up! That’s why she accepted the financial penalty of paying for faster shipping. Everything should have been fine. Until, apparently, everything that could go wrong with shipping a piece of jewelry within the same country did. The truck broke down. The ring was delivered to the wrong house. The ring was delivered to the wrong door of the wrong house. In the meantime, Ree had managed to find the same ring in stock at another store in the area. They got married, came back from the honeymoon, and… the original ring hadn’t showed up yet.

I ordered a wedding band from Macy’s with two day shipping to make sure I absolutely had it before my wedding day. The item which I ordered 11/21 (for my 11/30 wedding) had still not shipped out by 11/24 when I called to ask what was happening. A Macy’s representative explained to me that it takes 4-5 days for an item to leave the warehouse and then they offered to expedite the process (Mind you I had already paid for two day shipping) as well as refund the rush shipping. So I wait, and I watch anxiously on 11/26 I still have not seen a refund processed and when I check on the shipment of the ring I found it had traveled from new jersey, to chicago, back to new jersey. The reason for this, the lady on the phone, told me is that the truck broke down and had to be sent back. Okay, fine. But I still need my ring. So I called every store in a 50 mile radius of my house to see if they carried it. Nobody knew what I was talking about, nobody could find it. Finally while talking to the third person at one of the stores they discovered they had 1.

So here I am 4 days before the wedding running out to get my wedding band and hope its my size. We were finally able to locate a ring and buy it in store but we still had the matter of the other ring coming to me.

On 11/29 we got a message that it was delivered to our back door. We checked and there was nothing there. 11/30 comes around and still no ring. When we get back from the honeymoon on 12/4 we found the ring had been delivered to the back door of our neighbors. (The door they never use). On top of it still no rush shipping refund, and when we try to return it to macy’s they say we have to ship it back and get the refund after (so not only paying for regular shipping, but the rush, and shipping back) or cant return it at all.

We just want them to take the ring back and give us a full refund since they gave us the run around before our wedding.

Really, the blame for poor shipping lies with the carrier, not with Macy’s. It could have been UPS, FedEx, or the U.S. Postal Service that brought the ring to the wrong place: Macy’s uses all of them. Not refunding the expedited shipping, though? That’s all Macy’s.

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