Best Buy Sends Me Wrong Microwave, Promises To Come Swap It Out, Doesn’t Show

This is an exciting but stressful time for Terry’s family. His wife is pregnant, and they also just bought a new house. They ordered new appliances: matching stainless steel items for the kitchen, including one of those space-saving microwaves that goes over the stove. Best Buy technicians delivered and installed the bigger appliances, and the microwave arrived on the doorstep a few days later. It was the wrong color. That’s where Terry’s battle with Best Buy began.

The essential conflict: they wanted him to bring back the non-matching microwave in his car. He doesn’t think he can get it in his car, what with the child in a car seat in the back and all. They sent him the wrong microwave: why does he have to do all of the driving around?

We recently purchased a home and needed to get some new appliances, such as a washer, a fridge and a microwave (over the stove style). After visiting the Best Buy store a couple days before Black Friday we placed a order. Everything but the microwave was to be delivered. The microwave was not in stock and would have to be delivered via mail. So the delivery of the applainces went off with no problems.

The microwave arrived a couple days after. I was excited to open the box (I believe it arrived on [November] 26th). It was not what I ordered, it was a white microwave oven. We had all stainless steel. I called the bestbuy 800 number and was trying to get help. They told me to take it back to the store. I have a infant and two smaller cars, It was not going to fit. I explained this to the gentleman and was told he could get another one delivered and pick up the wrong one. It was ordered properly but the warehouse must have made a mistake.

I asked how long will this take? He said December 6th was the best he could do….I pointed out that I have been waiting a long time. I asked for a supervisor and he said one was not available, but he would issue a 100 dollar gift card for all my troubles. I said fine and patiently awaited [for the delivery.]

The day before the delivery was scheduled, Terry and Mrs. Terry learned that there may be a problem with her pregnancy, and spent the day getting test after test at the hospital. Terry’s mom watched their other child and waited for the pickup/delivery of the new microwave, which never came. Terry called up Best Buy again to ask about the whereabouts of his microwave.

The response and service I got was horrible. The attitude was, “I can’t find anything about this….You will just have to go to the store. Do you have the order number….etc….” round and round I went for about 30 minutes…until it was just enough. The guy went in circles and came back to the same point…take it back to the store. I finally gave up and hung up on the gentlemen. I still can’t believe this.

I called the store and they did the best they could to help me…but I still got screwed over. I got a open box unit because no one had the right one. I was lied to and never got a gift card.

I have been under a ton of stress and trying to make sure that someone was home to get this dumb thing. I went for almost a month without a microwave.

Okay, living without a microwave isn’t too much of a hardship, unless you just want to heat up a plate of leftovers or are a fan of frozen dinners. But Terry paid for a microwave with his hard-earned money, and doesn’t have one.