Toys ‘R’ Us Either Restores Canceled Order Or Screws It Up Again

Image courtesy of (bclinesmith)

Some good news out of Toys ‘R’ Us: after a seeming fit of disorganization, randomly canceled orders, and no information getting out to customers, we’re getting reports that maybe–just maybe–things are getting straightened out over at Big Giraffe.

We shared Eric’s story last week. Eric ordered an item in early November, then learned that it had been canceled weeks later when he happened to log in to his account. They didn’t contact him to let him know. “It’s one of the worst online shopping experiences I can imagine,” he wrote at the time. Now? They’ve canceled the cancellation.

I had ordered an item November 5, with their web site saying “Item located in stock” for weeks before they ultimately cancelled it. Well, come Friday (Dec 7) a package showed up. I was expecting packages from other vendors so I didn’t check the sender before opening it. I was very surprised to find the item that had cancelled. As far as I can tell, so far they haven’t charged me for it, so maybe this is their olive branch offering? I have no idea. I actually found one at a store since I placed the order, so if they do charge me, I think one is going back to the store.

Well, I guess that’s an improvement. I suppose Eric will find out eventually whether this is a case of customer service graciousness or that item was actually destined for someone else.

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