My Son’s Power Rangers Took A Weeklong UPS Warehouse Vacation

Where were the robots? Jemande ordered Power Rangers robots for his son’s birthday, so he had a deadline. The merchant used UPS, and the package progressed smoothly to his local depot and onto a truck. UPS attempted to deliver and claims that no one was around. Jemande disputes this, but the really important part is what happened next. UPS took the package back to the depot, where it hung out from November 28th to December 4th (Wednesday to Tuesday) for no clear reason.


Frustrated, he wrote to us on Tuesday morning:

My son has been bugging me for Power Ranger Robots for weeks and I decided to get them for his birthday. I found them on Amazon at a pretty good price and purchased planning on having them on his bed when he woke up on his bday. I was supposed to receive them 4 days before his birthday.

UPS claims to have attempted delivery on the 27th (I say attempted because atleast 2 people were in the house all day) and have not tried since. Every day for the last week their online tracking updates with “The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day.”

I’ve called customer service and complained, only to be asked if I can pick it up myself. I tell the operator that the facility is not easily accessible due to my schedule, to be told “Ok, it’ll be on a truck tonight” and here I am still waiting ….

At least his wait is now over, but that doesn’t explain why his package stalled for so long in the warehouse.

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