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Sears Holdings Outlines New Plan To Escape Death Spiral

Everyone except chairman and CEO Eddie Lampert thinks that Sears Holdings is in an inescapable death spiral, as the company sells its brands and real estate and lays off employees. Today, the company outlined plans for the near future that are more of the same: selling more real estate, selling off more key Sears brands, and depending on the Shop Your Way rewards program and e-commerce when the customers it still has aren’t especially interested in either. [More]

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SiriusXM Subscriber Who Bought ‘Lifetime’ Subscription Files Class Action

What does a “lifetime” subscription mean? When it comes to a SiriusXM device, it means the lifetime of the device for your built-in car radio, and it can be transferable if you have a portable radio. However, a customer who bought his lifetime subscription to satellite radio service SiriusXM over the phone says that he wasn’t told that the subscription was for the lifetime of the device, and was led to belief that the subscription was for his lifetime. [More]


Circuit City Is Returning From The Dead: Yes, Again

Back in 2009, the medium-box consumer electronics chain Circuit City closed. Systemax, the owner of TigerDirect, acquired the brand’s website and customer list, and kept it going until 2012. Late last year, Systemax decided to shut down its technology business, and that included selling the twice-defunct Circuit City brand. Now yet another company has acquired the brand and wants to make a go of it as physical retail stores. [More]

Stubborn Blue Bell Fan Keeps On Eating Potentially-Contaminated Ice Cream

Stubborn Blue Bell Fan Keeps On Eating Potentially-Contaminated Ice Cream

If your favorite ice cream were taken off shelves because it could cause a potentially fatal illness, would you keep eating it? One family in Texas refuses to throw out their stash of Blue Bell ice cream, because…well, they just don’t wanna. [More]


You Could Be The Person Who Builds Sarcasm Detection Software For The Secret Service… No, Really

You might want to sit down because we’ve come across a bit of shocking news: It seems the United States Secret Service needs help understanding sarcasm in social media. I know, we’re all shocked as well. But as laid out in a request for proposal from the agency, it’s looking for someone to build sarcasm detection software. Or as I shall call it, SSSS (Secret Service Sarcasm Software). [More]

Burrito bribery.

Mexican Restaurant: Sorry We Gave You Bloody Diarrhea. Please Come Back, Have A Free Burrito!

Much like a customer might be wary of returning to say, the Carnival Triumph aka Poop Cruise, we can’t imagine many of the 74 diners who endured bloody diarrhea after eating at Federico’s Mexican Food will be tempted to cross that restaurant’s threshold any time soon. But that isn’t stopping the eatery from begging people to return in the form of free burrito bribery. [More]

Church Group To Pray At Gas Station For Lower Fuel Prices

Church Group To Pray At Gas Station For Lower Fuel Prices

For the third time, members of a church group in Georgia will gather to pray for stability in the economy, lower fuel prices, and peace in the Middle East. Where will they gather? The gas station of their local Kroger, where else? [More]

More Ways To Buy A Non-Apple Mac OS X Computer

More Ways To Buy A Non-Apple Mac OS X Computer

Since last year, a small company called Psystar has been selling Mac clones that, in some cases, are more powerful than Apple’s own computers in the same price range. Now, the company has hit on another way to spread the OS X love: It will begin licensing its software to other companies that want to build and sell ersatz Macs. There are just a couple of problems that potential buyers might want to be aware of: Apple hasn’t given Psystar permission to do this, and is in the process of suing the company for copyright infringement. Oh, and Psystar is also in Chapter 11.