Raiders Of The Lost Walmart In The Temple Of America Online

If you desperately need a copy of Windows Vista, it seems that your local Walmart is the place to go. That’s what the brave retail archeologists/Consumerist readers known as the Raiders of the Lost Walmart have learned as their excavations continue.

Only $130. Don't all rush over there.

Only $130. Don’t all rush over there.

“When did Vista go the wayside again?” asks Hannah. I wasn’t aware that Vista had ever been anywhere other than the wayside.

Adam found this copy of Roxio Creator at a Walmart in Arkansas. “Hey, at least I’m saving .86 bucks on a software 4 versions out of date!” he wrote. Yes, that would be the bright side.


Finally, Andrew found this completely baffling item on the shelf at a Walmart in Iowa.


As far as we can determine, AOL stopped charging by the hour for most customers in the sometime around 1996, and stopped using this logo in 2000. This leads us to believe that someone involved in this item’s presence on the shelf is trolling someone, or there are unimaginable treasures hidden in the warehouse of this particular Walmart.

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