Guy Finds Mummified Bat In His Cereal, Count Chocula Reported Missing

First of all — I’m totally kidding about Count Chocula. I’m sure he’s just fine, safe in his Transylvanian marshmallow castle or wherever he keeps his coffin. But there is a man claiming he found a mummified bat in his breakfast cereal and he’s suffering from the kind of shock that experience surely brings.

The UK’s Metro says the German man was put off his meal entirely upon finding the flying rodent, as one would expect. It seems he thought the little guy was a Halloween-themed toy at first. Nope. Bat mummy.

He reported the incident to health officials and they’re trying to figure out what a dead bat would be doing hanging out in a box of corn flakes. The most likely scenario involves the winged one getting confused and flying into the plastic packaging at the cereal factory, which was then closed up behind him, nice and airtight. From there on it was all over.

The other sequence of events would have the bat flying into the box after they’d been opened by the man at his home. The whole thing has got officials flummoxed, with one food safety authority telling the paper: “I have never seen anything like it. This really is an unusual case.”

You stay clear of cereal factories when you’re in your bat form, Count. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

Man finds mummified bat in his morning bowl of cereal [Metro]

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