Verizon And Asurion Can’t Agree Whether I Have Insurance

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N.’s Samsung Galaxy S3 misses and drops calls. That’s okay, though: the phone has insurance with Asurion in case the damage was accidental. As it turned out, the phone was cracked underneath its tough Otterbox case, so this issue is an insurance problem. Only Verizon can’t find any record of N’s insurance policy. Asurion assured N. that everything was fine and sent him back to Verizon. Verizon insists that there’s no insurance plan.

N. writes:

Went into Verizon because galaxy s3 didn’t recive 50% of calls. It also dropped most calls in a 3g area. The phone was in excellent condition, ottrrbox been on since I bought it. Lady asked questions, removed otterbox, and upon questioning why I wasn’t showing as paying for the 6.99 insurance she went to back to inquire. She came out and said they cannot replace until calling tech support in the affected area, and that I should call asurion about the insurance.

I called asurion, got a story about how I did have insurance but Verizon is wrong. Transferred to tech support. Begin removing otterbox, tech support says asurion is wrong and that I don’t have insurance. [Otterbox] is removed and now is cracked in top left corner, cannot use warranty. Tech says Verizon store probably made error when adding insurance, but they can’t do anything about it now.

I now had a non calling cracked screened phone.

I don’t know how screen is cracked all of a sudden since it’s been in the Otterbox other than when cleaned (such as last night whend screen was whole) and when Verizon removed it. They’re claiming they can’t do insurance, even though they errored.

Asurion rep says verizon is at fault, and they should correct mistake and replace phone.

What should I do to bring the issue to Verizon?

Try contacting the person listed here for your area.

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