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AT&T Is Holding Open Enrollment For Phone Insurance, If You’re Into That

Open enrollment for insurance is the very special time of year when at your job or on a health insurance exchange, you are able to add or drop insurance or change plans for any reason or for no reason. It also exists for other kinds of insurance, like insurance on your mobile phone. AT&T is running an open enrollment period now, if you want phone insurance but failed to sign up within 30 days of buying yours. [More]

TV Reporter Drops iPhone In Toilet, Runs It Over With Car, And It Still Works

TV Reporter Drops iPhone In Toilet, Runs It Over With Car, And It Still Works

Smartphones are tiny devices filled with delicate electronics, and ought to be coddled and shielded to ensure their safety…right? As part of a story about third-party mobile phone warranties, a TV reporter in Houston trashed an iPhone by dropping it in water and running it over with a car. These things rendered it completely unusable, right? Nope. [More]


Radio Shack Kiosk Worker Screws Up, Gets Our Phone Insurance Canceled

What happens when you do the responsible thing and buy insurance for your shiny and expensive new smartphone, but the insurance gets canceled because of an error that wasn’t yours? Well…Bill and his girlfriend aren’t sure. When the employee at a Radio Shack kiosk at their local Target billed a Mastercard gift card instead of their credit card or phone bill, the insurance got canceled early on. Three months in. Then, of course, his girlfriend dropped the phone. [More]


Verizon And Asurion Can’t Agree Whether I Have Insurance

N.’s Samsung Galaxy S3 misses and drops calls. That’s okay, though: the phone has insurance with Asurion in case the damage was accidental. As it turned out, the phone was cracked underneath its tough Otterbox case, so this issue is an insurance problem. Only Verizon can’t find any record of N’s insurance policy. Asurion assured N. that everything was fine and sent him back to Verizon. Verizon insists that there’s no insurance plan. [More]