With Planes And Trains Out Of Service, Dr. Pays $750 For Cab Ride From Philly To Boston

Image courtesy of (Corey Templeton)

We’ve heard a number of stories in recent days of people whose flights or train trips between various cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic were canceled or delayed for days as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Many of them stuck it out, while others rented cars to get to their destinations. But one UK doctor chose to hail a cab to make the 300+ mile trip from Philadelphia to Boston.

The London doc had been visiting family in the Philly area before she was supposed to travel by train to a conference in Boston. Alas, the huge storm rolled in and Amtrak service was temporarily shut down.

“I had no other options,” she tells the Boston Globe, “so I booked a taxi.”

The trip, which would normally take around six hours, ended up requiring eight, as the cab had to veer around a flooded New York City.

But even though the trip was longer, the doctor’s fare of $750 was actually less than the $1,000 the cam company says it would normally charge for such a distance.

“We talked a lot about culture and religion,” the driver says about how he and his passenger passed the time. “We agreed there is too much violence in the world.”