Judge Orders UberX And Lyft To Stop In Philadelphia, Companies Ignore Order

Image courtesy of Uber

UPDATE: A Pennsylvania appeals court has granted a temporary restraining order, preventing the city’s Parking Authority from enforcing the injunction granted earlier this week.

In Philadelphia, consumers are choosing ride-hailing apps over official medallion-sporting cabs, finding their use cheaper and more convenient. Naturally, taxi drivers and medallion owners disagree with this sentiment, and have been fighting the continued existence of the ride-hailing apps in court. Now a judge has ordered the services to shut down in Philadelphia, but they don’t plan to listen until the case has been appealed.

Temporarily, during a transportation crunch that included a partial shutdown of commuter rail and the Democratic National Convention coming to town, the services were allowed a reprieve. Those events are over now, and Uber at least told Philly.com that it had no plans to stop operating.

Technically, the companies aren’t named in the suit: it was filed against the Philadelphia Parking Authority, not the companies or their independent contractor drivers. While the UberBlack service that uses town cars with licensed livery vehicles gets to stay in business, new laws would affect the amateur-powered UberX and Lyft.

“I would be more comfortable with Uber, honestly, than some of these taxi services,” one passenger told Philly.com, showing what really has cab companies nervous about the situation. Other riders interviewed after the decision agreed.

The amateur-powered services remain on the road while the companies wait for an appeal.

Judge orders UberX and Lyft to stop operating in Philly, but the businesses aren’t saying they’ll comply [Philly.com]

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